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10 Books on Caring for Elderly Parents

It’s beautiful and helpful and should be required reading for all of us as we age.

My friend texted this to me about Being Mortal (Atul Gawande), one of many books on caring for elderly parents, and the book she turned to time and time again for support and empowerment when she was caring for her mother, especially during the time she was considering palliative care. Becoming a caregiver for a parent can be an overwhelming and scary prospect. You’re already feeling so many emotions and trying to figure out how you’ll need to readjust your schedule. Where do you start? What should you be asking and who should you ask about it?

Medical professionals, family, and friends are all necessary and excellent resources, but books can be especially invaluable — particularly for those of us who find comfort in reading. Books, after all, help keep all the expert information in written form, all in one place — and you can carry them with you and consult them whenever it’s convenient. Books give you access to multiple perspectives and voices about a variety of caregiving topics, from medical information to advice on familial relations to finding peace after losing someone you love. Whether you’re looking for a title that reads like a practical guide, an empathetic friend, or something in between, here are ten books on caring for elderly parents.

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