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12 of the Cheapest States to Retire

Are you ready to retire from your career but worry that you may not be financially prepared? This is a common concern.

The majority of baby boomers have no retirement savings, and 40% plan to rely solely on Social Security for their income after retirement. What’s worse, most Americans have no idea how much they’ll realistically need for retirement. As such, retiring for less is more than important than ever.

How can you put your mind at ease? Well, you could start saving for retirement now, as well as plan for developing multiple retirement income sources. Both of which will help you live a more comfortable life. But, you can also stretch your budget by moving to the following twelve states.

Why? Because they are some of the cheapest states in the country when you look at factors like median home cost, medicare advantage cost, and the cost of living index. What’s more, they’re all fairly tax-friendly

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