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Chapter X: The Men's Group For Transitioning To Retirement

Stepping out of the world of full-time work and into the world of retirement can feel like losing your footing to quicksand. Loss of identity. Loss of income. Loss of colleagues. Perhaps the loss of a spouse or partner. Michael F. Kay, managing partner of Financial Life Focus in Livingston, N.J., thinks the transition can be especially rough on high-achieving men.

That's why he started Chapter X, a new online sharing, supportive community that currently has roughly 30 recently retired professional men, mostly in the New York area and California. Kay also writes a Chapter X blog for men about this stage in life, read by several hundred men, and hosts the weekly Chapter X With Michael Kay podcast.

"All of a sudden, for some [retired men], the rug's been pulled out from them," says Kay, who's 66 and not yet retired. "They're out of a job. They're left bereft of meaning and purpose in their life because they no longer have this ladder to climb. It becomes a terrible time for a lot of men."

"It's more than just managing your money. It's managing what's your life after your retirement."

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