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Five Expert Tips On Building Your Retirement Income Portfolio

Even if you’re just getting started on your investing journey, you probably know that financial advisors recommend you have a diverse portfolio. This means you have funds allocated to stocks, fixed income like annuities and bonds, and maybe even cryptocurrency. When you invest in several asset classes, you can keep your portfolio income high, reduce risk, and stay ahead of inflation.

But there is such a thing as playing it too safe with your investments. Many new investors get trapped in low-yield portfolios, which may show a small return year over year but leave one wondering if there are higher yields out there. This is where DCF Income Payments come in.

According to Nathaniel Pulsifer, Co-Founder of DCF Exchange, while investors usually think about fixed-income assets for retirement income, they can also be part of a safe accumulation strategy. Fixed income is applicable for the conservative portion of any portfolio, even for the millennial investor just starting out. Here are five expert tips to help you build your fixed-income portfolio.

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