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Schwab Launches Interactive Platform to Help Retirement Savers

Schwab Retirement Plan Services has launched an interactive, online dashboard that helps retirement plan participants assess their financial health and then aids them in creating a custom plan that offers steps toward specific savings goals, the firm announced Wednesday.

In its annual survey, the firm found that 61% of participants think their financial situation needs professional advice‚ up from 50% last year.

The offering, My Financial Guide, gives “workers the power to take control of their financial situations on their own terms,” according to Nathan Voris, director of Schwab Retirement Plan Services. He noted that some workers can be “confused with the industry jargon and find it difficult to start the planning process.”

The dashboard offers modules that take users through a financial assessment that helps them address four key areas: emergency savings, debt, insurance and estate planning. Users can select any of the modules that address their needs.

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