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Should You Invest Through A Robo Advisor?

Robo Advisors offering ‘automated investment advice’ are all the rage. Many have attracted venture capital, instantly catapulting them into the headlines. Should you invest through one? Let’s explore the pros and cons of investing through a Robo advisor.

The Good: Convenience

Let’s start with the no-brainer; Robo platforms are undoubtedly convenient. A very large chunk of the capital being raised by these companies is spent towards enhancing their technology platforms; thereby creating a seamless, ‘click through’ experience for investors. You can use the services of a Robo advisor from the convenience of your home, in your pyjamas. There’s no need to schedule meetings with an Advisor or sign mountains of paperwork – a number of these platforms are making a serious attempt to create a 100% paperless experience for their investors (although, in my opinion, we’re still a fair distance from 100% paperless).

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