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The U.S. retirement system recently earned a C+ — here’s how to give your retirement savings an A

A new study of retirement systems around the world found that the U.S. system is under pressure. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still retire comfortably.

The newest Mercer CFA Institute’s 2023 Global Pension Index, released Tuesday, rates retirement income systems across the world using the weighted average of the adequacy, sustainability and integrity of the systems. The U.S. earned a C+, with 63 out of 100 possible points and an overall ranking of 22 out of the 47 countries included in the study. The U.S. previously earned a C+ in the Institute’s 2022 study.

Four countries — Netherlands, Iceland, Denmark and Israel — earned A’s, the top-tier of the rating system. Australia, Finland and Singapore earned B+ grades and Germany and Canada, among others, earned B’s.

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