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10 Best Destinations For Snowbirds This Winter

Updated: Feb 1

Retirees aren't the only snowbirds moving to where it’s warm this winter. Remote workers are also following suit. In fact, the Census Bureau reports that the percentage of home-based workers more than tripled between 2019 and 2021, from 5.7% (roughly 9 million workers) to 17.9% (about 28 million workers). So whether you’re a snowbird, or a “zoombird” on the hunt for warmer weather and plenty of sunshine, the destinations below could be a perfect fit for you.

A recent study from Storage Cafe identified the top 100 best destinations for snowbirds in the U.S. Not only did they take into account lifestyle options at each destination, they also factored in the affordability of each city. Here’s a full list of factors they compared to get their results.

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