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10 Things You Must Know About Retiring to Florida

Heading South has always been a key to your retirement plan. If Florida is part of the plan, we offer up a few tips to help you find your way.

As you sit there mulling a retirement in the South, approximately 1,000 people are already on their way to Florida today with all their household belongings. Should you join them?

Like many baby boomers approaching retirement age and hunting for a warmer climate to call home in their golden years, my wife and I scouted cities and towns in Florida for a possible landing pad -- so I had some skin in the game (we decided on elsewhere).

But Florida isn’t all about the beaches, Disney World and the massive retirement community known as The Villages. I interviewed experts and residents for tips on what you need to know about moving to Florida. So grab an OJ and dive on in. The water’s warm, but...complex.

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