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15 Cheapest States for Long-Term Care: 2021

Genworth’s recently released 18th annual cost-of-care survey showed that the cost of long-term care services increased across all provider types in 2021 and increased more substantially for certain settings. The cost of care services rose as follows:

  • Assisted living facility: up 4.7% to an annual national median cost of $54,000 per year.

  • Home health aide, which includes “hands-on” personal assistance: up 12.5% to $61,776.

  • Homemaker services, which include assistance with “hands-off” tasks, up 10.6% to $59,488.

  • Semi-private room in a skilled nursing facility: up 2% to $94,900.

  • Private room in a nursing home: up 2.4% to $108,405.

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