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2 Colorado Cities Crack Top 100 Places To Retire In US

According to its “Best Places to Retire in the U.S. in 2021-2022,” list, Colorado Springs and Boulder are among American cities people might want to look into for their retirement living plans.

Both state cities cracked the top 100 out of 150 recognized cities — Colorado Springs (No. 86) and Boulder (No. 100) respectively. Fort Collins (No. 128) and Denver (No. 133) also showed up further down on the list.

U.S. News gave Colorado Springs a nod for its many “distinctive” areas, painting a picture of quaint Americana.

“Despite the sprawl, people regularly stop to say hello to someone they know at their neighborhood brewery or grocery store. That’s the small-town scene the city aims to preserve,” U.S. News contributor Seth Boster wrote in part.

Boulder was described, among others things, as an outlet for residents and people seeking opportunities for personal wellness.

“Boulder has opportunities from forest bathing and free meditation sessions to an abundance of marijuana dispensaries, spas and alternative health care studios,” U.S. News managing editor Katy Marquardt wrote in part.

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