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3 Costly Retirement Myths

Retirement is something many of us look forward to for decades. But as it draws closer,

those feelings of excitement may be replaced by some unexpected anxiety.

How much will I spend each month? Will I be able to travel? Should I move?

Catching a case of the retirement jitters is common. In fact, a recent TIAA survey of

soon-to-be retirees found only 43 percent felt extremely or very prepared for this big


"I think they get nervous, it's a big decision, when to retire," said Amanda McCollum, a

certified financial planner based in Jacksonville, Florida. "It's wise to be cautious at that

time for that reason, you want to make sure you're prepared."

Part of being prepared means doing your research and not making any assumptions,

including falling for these common retirement myths.

[From Bob's Library]

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