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6 Reasons Uraguay is a Great Place to Retire

Uruguay qualifies as one of the world’s top retirement havens. The country boasts friendly people, pleasant weather and an infrastructure that includes reliable Internet access and drinkable water. It’s also relatively easy to establish residency. Here are six reasons to consider retirement in Uruguay:

The people.

Uruguayans are generally honest, punctual and reliable, which is noteworthy because this is, frankly, not the case in much of Latin America. Uruguayans typically keep their

word, conduct themselves professionally and stand by their commitments. The culture is hard working, and levels of corruption are low. Many Uruguayans are laid back, meaning they are often patient (even behind the wheel), non-confrontational, nonviolent, good natured and friendly, making them among the most pleasant people in the world to call your neighbors.

The lifestyle.

Uruguay has a moderate climate with four seasons, but no ice or snow. It boasts

miles of some of the most beautiful and well-maintained beaches in South America that draw visitors from all over the world. The culture is European-like, and the cultural influence is primarily Italian. You'll find tango clubs along with opera houses and orchestras. Uruguay also enjoys among the lowest crime and poverty rates in Latin America and one of the region’s highest per-capita incomes.

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