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7 Important Questions a Financial Plan Can Help You Answer

October is the month for fall colors, a chill in the air, Halloween—and financial planning. Yes, October is National Financial Planning Month. And while that might not stir your senses in quite the same way, it really could make a significant difference in your ability to enjoy every season to the fullest. So even though you may believe that financial planning isn’t important for you, I ask you to hear me out.

A lot of people think they don't have enough money to need a financial plan or that it costs too much. They're putting the emphasis on "financial." To me, the emphasis should be on "planning," because having a financial plan simply means knowing where you want to go and figuring out how best to harness your resources to get there. And it’s not just about money. It's about your aspirations, your priorities for you and your family, and how to protect yourself both now and in the future.

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