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8 Things To Consider Before Buying That Second Home For Your Retirement

With the stock market seemingly hitting new record highs every day and mortgage rates near record lows, you may be wondering if you should pick up a second home for your future retirement. Perhaps, a vacation home you can enjoy now while you wait for the day you reach financial freedom and decide to end working full-time.

I recently spoke with a gay couple looking to pick up a second home in Palm Springs, with the idea they could retire there in the next few years. They can afford a lovely home now but could afford a fantastic home if they wait until they are retired.

I walked them through the topics below, and we also reviewed what this meant for their other travel plans. I wanted to make sure this wasn't a Covid purchase that they would regret. They love to travel often and to travel well. With Covid lockdowns, well, they felt their wings had been clipped.

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