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'A window of opportunity to retire abroad: Here's what to know and where to consider going

The dollar is strong, and some rural European towns are actively courting U.S. expats, offering fixer-upper homes for just one euro. Here are some of the more affordable communities.

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Soaring U.S. inflation and a moderating pandemic in much of the world are leading more Americans to pull up stakes and retire abroad. More than 440,000 Americans are now drawing Social Security retirement benefits outside the country.

"There are so many versions of trouble in the world today, from the pandemic to safety concerns to war -- all manner of evils that can be keeping retirees up at night," says Kathleen Peddicord, publisher of Live and Invest Overseas. "Retirees are looking for places to go where they don't have to worry about any of those things."

Jennifer Stevens, executive editor of International Living, puts it this way: "We are seeing people who have come through the pandemic and feel like, 'You know what? I've been dreaming about [retiring abroad], waiting 'til the time was right. It's now or never. I just need to do it.'"

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