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Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Hi RetirementGuy community. I am excited to get the blog up and running again. My goal is to continue Bob's legacy by helping inform and teach you various financial principles that will hopefully empower you with your finances.

My name is Josh. I did not personally know Bob but I was a fan of his. I had a great conversation with his wife Ellen and she is very excited that will live on. I am a Financial Planner, and work for a Denver based Investment and financial planning firm. Don't worry, the purpose of this blog is not to sell you anything. Instead the goal is two fold, 1) provide you great content so that you can hopefully take bits and pieces and apply them to your financial life. And 2) to continue sharpening my skills. I have found when I teach, write, and research, it only makes me better at what I do for a living which is providing the best financial advice to my clients.

I have big shoes to fill, and thus I am not going to try and fill them. I will simply do my best to provide you the content you want, so please provide me feedback when needed. I want to make this a place where average Americans (international visitors are of course welcome as well) can learn about various financial topics that they can use to help improve their life.

I will continue the weekly Friday email soon. Stay tuned.

Thank you again Ellen. It was so great to hear you talk about Bob, that he was a great husband, and how much he meant to you and everyone who knew him.



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