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Investing IRA or Solo 401k Funds Into A Small Business or Alternative Investments

When it comes to being a Solo 401k or self-directed IRA entrepreneur in the small business world, we understand that you probably have a lot going on. This often involves having an active interest in two or more operating businesses. Those two separate businesses can closely relate to your Solo 401k or self-directed IRA. However, the two small businesses must comply with very different Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules and regulations. Here, we clarify the distinct lines between the two business types and how each can compliantly help the other.

We will use the Solo 401k for most examples and explanations to keep things as simple as possible. Where there is a major difference between a Solo 401k and a self-directed IRA, we will try to clarify the difference. You want to understand the most significant difference between funding your Solo 401k and financing your “for-profit” small business.

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