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Medical Tourism Can Get You Healthcare Bargains Abroad

Breana Williams, 28, of Fresno, Calif., has comprehensive healthcare coverage, but when she began looking into fertility treatments to start a family, she was floored by the out-of-pocket cost. So while some friends in her shoes started seeking a job at a U.S. company offering to offset or cover the cost of fertility care for their employees, and others took out second mortgages on their homes to cover the cost, Williams had another thought: Mexico.

Thus began Williams’s journey down and up the California coast to Tijuana, where she received three rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for a fraction of the price quoted to her at home. The initial round cost $3,500 and $1,000 for medication, and each round after that was just $1,500 before the cost of medication. In the states, she was quoted roughly $20,000 for just one round. She is now taking a break from the mentally and physically taxing treatment, but on her latest trip to Mexico, she took advantage of inexpensive dental work.

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