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Retired and returning to work: How the extra income could collide with other financial consideration

Sometimes, older Americans discover that retirement just isn't a good fit.

Whether due to needing more income or wanting personal fulfillment, many older Americans head back to work after calling it quits. Of workers age 65 or older, 40% had previously retired at some point, according to a report from Rand Corporation.

However, if you are among those thinking about picking up a job again, it's worth considering how the extra income could affect other parts of your financial life.

Of course, extra income in and of itself isn't bad.

"If you earn even $5,000 and it means you don't have to take $5,000 out of your retirement savings, that's money that can be invested," said certified financial planner David Demming, president of Demming Financial Services in Aurora, Ohio. "It puts less stress on your asset base."

Here's what to know.

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