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Retirement Tips from World-Famous Authors to Live Happily Ever After

This is a story about dreams and money.

After all, financial planning starts with one personal question: What is your vision of an ideal life? To rewrite that question in more affecting way: What would you most regret not having done if you were to die tomorrow?

In the book The Top Five Regrets of Dying, Bronnie Ware writes the most common regret of patients she has spoken with was: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

What story do you ultimately want to tell about your life? What events and characters would make up your idea of a “rich life”?

Maybe you’ve dreamed of visiting every continent or opening your own business after you retire. Or maybe you dream of finally sitting down to write that book you’ve been thinking about for years.

You might be on to something there, because there’s a lot we can learn from the habits of notable authors who excel in the craft of telling stories. Read on to discover 10 quirky writing methods famous authors are known for and see how following their lead can help you build your wealth and craft a happy retirement.

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