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The 10 Most Enjoyable Jobs for Older Workers

Older workers who are age 50 to 65 aren't so different from their younger counterparts. Flexible schedules and meaningful work are priorities that transcend generations. What's more, relationships with colleagues, work environments and the work itself can all be key to attracting and retaining workers of every age.

However, older Americans may be in a better position to pursue their dream job. With years of workplace experience under their belts, they may already have savings, benefits and retirement plans from earlier jobs as well as the insight to know what type of work appeals to them.

"Older workers may be in a unique position," says Iris Waichler, a social worker and writer for Choosing Therapy, an online therapy platform. "Some may be more financially stable and are seeking work for altruistic reasons, doing something they love which they may not have been able to do when they were younger."

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