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Top 10 Retirement Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Happiness

The ultimate goal in your retirement is to be happier.

Ideally, you’ll spend your days in a happier state because you’ll be doing the things that you enjoy, in a location that you love, surrounded by the people that you love.

Unfortunately, there are common mistakes that retirees make that cost them their happiness. The good news is, these mistakes are avoidable – especially if you plan ahead.

Failing To Plan

The first, and biggest, retirement mistake that many people make, is not having an adequate retirement plan in place. A 2020 report from the Federal Reserve found that fewer than four in ten non-retired adults felt their retirement savings were on track. That same report stated that a quarter of non-retired adults surveyed have no retirement savings at all.

There’s a saying that “those who fail to plan, plan to fail,” and it’s true. Without a solid plan in place years before retirement, you’re setting yourself up for failure in your golden years. Retirement planning takes careful consideration, thoughtful strategy, soul searching and insightful self-inventory. Often, you’ll need to meet with a professional to help you determine your retirement goals and create a plan that enables you to meet those goals.

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