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Top 10 Steps if You're 10 Years From Retirement

Retirement might be considered the grandest of milestones in a person’s professional life, but another often overlooked turning point occurs 10 years prior.

Once you’ve established that you’re 10 years out from your retirement — whether you’re 49, 60 or any age in between — know that it’s time to put together a comprehensive plan to ensure financial independence after you leave the workplace.

Hopefully, you’ve already built a substantial nest egg in one or more retirement accounts, but even if you haven’t, understand that it’s never too late to start. If you feel that you’re behind, resist the urge to chastise yourself; self-pity won’t inspire you to action and it could easily dissuade you from doing exactly what you could be doing to get yourself on track. Regardless of where you are financially, know that successful retirement is not only possible but likely when you follow the proper course.

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