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About Bob - By Ellen Schulz

Robert H. Schulz Jr. passed on September 6, 2019 at the age of 76.

He will be remembered fondly by all who knew him.  His father was an officer in the Military and Bob went to 22 schools in grades 1-12;  which enabled him to learn how to quickly adapt to change, connect to new friends and get involved wherever needed.   He was the oldest of 4 boys;  survived by Dutch Schulz of Colorado Springs, and Douglas Schulz of Westcliff, CO.

Bob excelled at everything he did.  He said that it wasn’t hard;  he just followed directions and paid attention to details.  In high school he was the President of his Class, President of the Debate Club, and Best All Around.   He joined the Army (12 years) out of ROTC where he was an Officer and the Ace in his Flight Class.  He left the Army and went into Human Resources:  Burger King Corp. 17 years, and Great West Life (7 years) before retiring in 2008, just before the economic downturn which tested his retirement investment strategy;  it worked out well.

He had collected retirement articles since he and I were married 42 years ago.   He clipped them out of newspapers and put them into files that he referred to as needed.   Early in our marriage he created a green ledger for us to write down every penny we spent each day;  we did that for 3 years.  We were literally on the same page in our financials!    Bob being Bob, was fading in August just a few weeks prior to passing.  He passed in September 2019, the very first month that I would qualify for Survivor’s Benefits, turning 66 that September.  He was that kind of planner and that kind.   :) 

It was at Great West Life that he realized that so many people getting ready to retire where not fiscally savvy about the issues and tools.   He campaigned for an internal employee course to help people which was quickly approved.   The course filled within 15 minutes of the course announcement.  Bob found his passion for his own retirement:  connecting people to information, resources, and tools.  He loved his work as the Retirement Guy.    He beamed with happiness when he could help someone create a better life.

He was a beloved husband and father to our family.   Survived by his wife, Ellen, daughters Stephanie Cherry (Arlington, Texas), Leone Schulz Dick (Littleton, CO), and son Micah Schulz (Denver, Colorado).    

Bob would be so glad and humbled that Josh felt passionately inspired to take Retirement Guy and run with it. I, Ellen can only imagine Bob’s big smile and tears knowing what he began will be in Josh’s capable hands to help so many.  

For Bob, now...It is well with his soul.  Much love to you all, Ellen


See the final email Ellen sent out when how Bob passed:

Bob Schulz has actually finally retired
Download • 271KB

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