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An Investor's Manifesto: 20 Guiding principles for Investment Success

[From Bob's Library]

Knight Kiplinger is the editor-in-chief and a columnist for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance,

one of the “big three” money magazines. Kiplinger offered an investor’s manifesto, a list of twenty guiding principles for making smart investment decisions. Kiplinger’s manifesto is a great list, effectively summarizing mainstream investment theory on a single page. I liked it so much that I obtained permission to reprint it in its entirety. Here are the twenty points in Knight Kiplinger’s investor’s manifesto:

  1. I am an investor. I do not trade my assets frequently. That’s speculation, not investing.

  2. I am also a saver, fueling my investments with continuous savings from current income.

  3. I know that every kind of asset entails risk - even cash which can be eroded by inflation.

  4. I know that higher returns entail higher risk, in every kind of asset.

  5. I accept those risks, but I mitigate them by owning a diversity of assets.

  6. I regard my home as a place to live, not as an investment. It is not a substitute for retirement savings.

View and Print the full list here:

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