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Five Strategies to Prevent Regret After Your RSUs Vest

Employees of publicly traded technology companies are familiar with the roller-coaster ride stock prices have been on in recent years.

In 2022, many tech giants watched their stock prices tumble by 40% to 50%, leaving employees who had a large stake in company shares and restricted stock units (RSUs) wondering what to do. In addition to seeing drastic drops in net worth, uncertainty about job security also became a real concern. Regret was the overwhelming sentiment.

Fast-forward to 2023, and so far, it’s been a different story. Tech stocks at large have made an impressive comeback. This might present a second chance for those who can still remember how bad they felt after 2022. A second chance is a rare opportunity when it comes to investing and building a financial plan with equity compensation, so there should be some sense of urgency to build a prudent strategy as soon as possible.

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