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Tired of Pricey Life Insurance Premiums? 4 Ways to Manage a Policy When You Retire

You’re getting ready to retire, and you’re thinking about your expenses. One expense you’d like to forgo is the premium you pay for the life insurance policy you bought decades ago. The question is: Are your only two options to pay the premiums or cancel your coverage? The answer is no, you usually have other alternatives.

Start assessing your options by first determining whether your policy is a term insurance plan or some kind of permanent insurance with cash values.

Term insurance

Term life insurance is generally the cheapest coverage, but it works like rent. When you’re done “renting” the insurance, you leave with no equity. So, if you reach the end of the policy’s term — for example, 20 years — you lose your insurance coverage. You still may have some options, though. Some term policies let you renew your coverage. You can continue your insurance, just at a higher premium. Generally, the cost increase is so high it’s a deal killer. If you need the coverage, though, it may be worth it.

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