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Where Disability Benefits Are Worth the Most: How Your State Stacks Up

According to data released in 2022, the average SSDI benefit for disabled workers is $1,358.30 per month. The exact value of someone’s monthly SSDI benefit depends on their work experience, but it’s possible for someone to earn up to a maximum of about $3,300 per month.

In January 2023, the Social Security Administration’s highest cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) since 1981 went into effect, increasing benefits by 8.7% for all SSI and SSDI recipients.

“Even with the COLA increase, SSDI and SSI benefits do not match up to the livable wage in any state in the U.S.,” said Sarah Ashmore, attorney at Atticus.

The average monthly SSI check is worth $568.13, according to SSA data. However, SSI recipients are also capped at $841 of total monthly income in 2022. So a person with no outside income could qualify for the maximum SSI benefit, but a person who earns some monthly income would have their SSI benefit reduced by the amount they earn. SSI benefits are also reduced if someone has savings or valuable assets.

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