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Where to get the best employee benefits across the US

As graduates look to jump-start their careers this summer, they may want to pay extra attention to where their potential employer is located and what benefits they offer.

Forage, a software company that helps students prepare for the job hunt through simulations, ranked nine U.S. regions based on how many workers have access to benefits like healthcare, retirement and leave, as well as less common benefits like child care assistance, student loan repayment and wellness programs. Each region was scored out of 100 points, with the highest score of 67 points going to the East North Central region, which is home to states like Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

While job seekers typically prioritize compensation when searching for roles, Forage's ranking could serve as a reminder not to underestimate the importance of benefits when looking at their total compensation package, explains Jenna Bellassai, lead data reporter at Forage.

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